Motel History

The Symbolism of the Claddagh

The Claddagh Symbol: “Let Love and Friendship Reign”

The HEART stands for love, life’s finest impulse.

The HANDS of friendship are clasped around the heart in a gesture of giving. As they cradle the heart gently, the hands are both protective and strong, like true friendship.

The CROWN is symbolic of loyalty. It represents the reward of love, the highest achievement the human spirit has yet accomplished.

The Motel, Suites and Sister Property Vacation Rentals

Once Siobhan and Alex bought the motel, they’ve never looked back. Twenty-four years later, they continue to improve the motel and its surrounds. It’s an ongoing process, driven by a desire to ensure complete satisfaction for their guests. For instance, although the motel is only a stone’s throw from the ocean, that wasn’t good enough — they wanted their guests to have beach and ocean access. So they bought a waterfront property on Glen Cove, and now their guests can walk to the cove via sister property and comb the beach for sea glass.

2008 & 2017 TripAdvisor Award

In fact, Alex and Siobhan were flattered and honored to have won the 2008 as well as 2017 TripAdvisor Award for Best Bargains, proof that hard work pays off — and that they’ve found their niche in operating a motel. Alex is responsible for the office and doing the breakfast every morning while Siobhan is involved with all day to day motel operations.

“We want to thank each and every guest we’ve had over the years,” says Siobhan, “and all those who look at our website. We continue to extend a warm welcome to all of you who wish to come and spend time in our small cozy country style motel. “